Absolutely the best Land Cruiser Tire Deflator we have used. Reads 0-60lbs. Gauge is bronze with protective rubber shield. Flexable hose screws has valve core removal tool and screws on to valve stem. Adjustable bleed down valve to regulate air loss speed. Comes with pouch.

This happens to all of us. You are about to enter a trail head when some newbe does not have his own air down tool. You have to wait forever it seems while he downs his tires using a knife blade tip. Everyone else is already aired down and ready to go but you all have to wait and wait. Worse yet is the guy who doesn’t air down at all, even after he is suggested to do so, and then stops in the middle of the trail and decides to air down. Yeah, we all get those guys. Next time, let him use your ARB E-Z Tire Deflator to speed things up and suggest he get off his butt and get his own ARB E-Z Tire Deflator from TPI. In our next chapter, we are going to discuss those guys that have to stop every 100 yards to get another beer or make a sandwich which leads to a social gathering for about an hour. Geeez, that gets on my nerves!


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