23100-E, FUEL PUMP, ELECTRIC, 2-4LBS. Order Here

The Ultimate Fuel Pump. Will work in all applications but it was designed to work with the Weber Carb. Max, no resistance output is 6 lbs. at 25GPH up to 200 HP engines. 5/16” inlet-outlet. Many of the stock mechanical fuel pumps are discontinued and the TPI Redline Electric Fuel Pump is the perfect replacement for stock and Weber carbs. The Weber carb was designed to run smoothly on low pressure but high flow and this is exactly what this pump was designed to do. Your stock fuel pump puts out 9-12 pounds and will affect the Weber with its continuous “pounding” of fuel, making it difficult to adjust and wearing out the needle and seat prematurely. When changing to an electric pump, be sure to remove your mechanical pump. Why remove the mechanical fuel pump? Because the mechanical fuel pump can be very dangerous in deep water crossings not to mention loud. Should the mechanical fuel pump become submerged under water, it can suck water into the weep hole and bust the diaphragm. When this happens, water will completely fill your crank case in a matter of seconds. Bad news. Be sure to order the Fuel Pump Block-off Plate with gasket included #23100-EP to cover the hole where the mechanical fuel pump was removed.Pump has 5/16” inlet-outlets, 3.5” long and 3” dia. with mounting hardware.

Special note: Never install a new Weber or Electric Fuel Pump if you even suspect that your gas tank is rusty inside. Rust can kill a fuel pump and damage a Weber. And no, fuel filters are not the solution. Install a new gas tank to “fix” not “cover up” the problem. TPI will not warranty a fuel pump with dirt or rust inside.


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