IPF Super Bright Military Low Bulb


T6080-1, IPF Super Bright Military Low Bulb



T6080-1, IPF Super Bright Military Low Bulb   Order Here

Introducing the brightest bulb! Now issued by Canadian government on
their Yukon utility vehicles! Bulb is 80wt draw at low beam and 60wt
draw at high beam. Wait, that’s backwards! Read further….bulb has
super white low beam that equals 190wt optical output. How many times
are your low beams too dim? Does this mean low beam is brighter? Yes,
but remember your low and high beams have different shapes on the road
keeping the bright Low beam out of on-coming traffic. Your high beam is
still 150wt output for long distance, much brighter than stock, but the
low beam has a super white 190wt output low and wide on the road. Big
safety factor here! Believe me, the older you get the more you need this
new bulb


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