NEW FOR 2023


Superior grade CERAMIC HEADERS. Lifetime wear, no rust, mud resistant.

Fits 1968-1987 FJ40/45/55/60

Looks like chrome! See them here… KHDRS-2

Americas Oldest Land Cruiser Parts Distributor!

Others have come and gone but TPI Land Cruiser has been here, non-stop since 1975

TPI supports the Toyota Land Cruiser Association and our local chapter the Southeast Land Cruiser Association. We encourage you to join and support your local chapter as well. Experience trail rides with other Land Cruiser owners, camp outs, tech days and simply enjoy the sport of off-roading. Information about your local area clubs can be found at   The Southeast Land Cruiser Association website with membership application can be found at

The TPI Website is solely thought-up, developed and maintained by mechanics, not web gurus. We have no idea what we are doing concerning computers and websites but we know Land Cruiser parts.

We have been here since 1975 fixing and selling parts for Cruisers before many of you knew what a Land Cruiser was.
As a matter of fact, when I bought ole’ 1971 Mountain Storm back in 1975, I thought it was a jeep, blaaah! Bad word.
Seeing a need for Land Cruiser parts and repairs back in them days, forced me to create TPI and we have been “in the biz’ since. Over the years TPI has developed our FJ40 Smoky Mountain Suspension and components, made our own Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 Weber carb kit, re-designed the TPI FJ40 Air Conditioner, developed the original replacement TPI FJ40 dash and searched the world for manufacturers of hard parts and never using Taiwan copies unless it is absolutely the last source for a discontinued part. Land Cruisers are the best built 4wd in the world and they were NOT made in Taiwan.
Remember that when you compare our prices. Some of our prices are not the cheapest because we will always choose to sell Japan replacement when available.
We want quality, not copies.

Now go buy some parts, Mountain Storm needs a new set of tires.
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Land Cruiser Bob 🙂


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