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New! TPI Smoky Mountain 2″ FJ40 Land Cruiser Suspension TPI6840-2.


New! TPI Land Cruiser Air Locker.


New! TPI Air Locker Compressor.


New! TPI Land Cruiser CERAMIC HEADERS. Lifetime wear, no rust, mud resistant.

Fits 1968-1987 FJ40/45/55/60

Looks like chrome! See them here… KHDRS-2

Americas Oldest Land Cruiser Parts Distributor!

Others have come, gone and changed hands but TPI Land Cruiser has been here, operating under the same ownership non-stop since 1975.


This is the Land Cruiser that started it all. Mountain Storm purchased in 1975 for $500.00 with a blown clutch.
Specs: 1971 FJ40, Weber 38, 5 Speed w/low range split transfer, low range speed “SLOW”, 4:11 TPI Air Lockers, Full Float rear axle, disc front brakes, heavy duty 3″ rear drum brakes, power steering, 32 gal. fuel tank, full roll cage, VDO gauges, independent front and rear emergency brakes, Warn 8274 winch on Aussie bull bar, 33×12:50×15 Pro Comp Extreme 3 tires, TPI 2″ Soft Ride Suspension. TPI air Conditioner. New Toyota crate engine. 22 mpg @ 60 mph, 22,000 miles. 1100 hours on engine. 01/01/2024

TPI supports the Toyota Land Cruiser Association and our local chapter the Southeast Land Cruiser Association. We encourage you to join and support your local chapter as well. Experience trail rides with other Land Cruiser owners, camp outs, tech days and simply enjoy the sport of off-roading. Information about your local area clubs can be found at   The Southeast Land Cruiser Association website with membership application can be found at

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THE BEGINNING: We have been here since 1975 fixing and selling parts for Cruisers before many of you knew what a Land Cruiser was.
In 1975 Bob bought his first Land Cruiser a 1971 FJ40 (Mountain Storm) and still drives it today.
Seeing a need for Land Cruiser parts and repairs back in “them days”, forced Bob to create TPI and has been “in the biz’ since. Over the years TPI has developed our FJ40 Smoky Mountain Suspension and suspension components, upgraded the Land Cruiser Weber carb kit, manufactured parts for Redline Weber,  re-designed the TPI FJ40 Air Conditioner, developed the original replacement TPI FJ40 dash and searched the world for manufacturers of repair parts.

LAND CRUISER BOB, THE OWNER: While Bob was in the US Army overseas, he developed a keen interest in Land Cruisers. in 1975 after active service and before retiring from the Army National Guard, Bob partnered with Nashville’s first 4WD business which grew into TPI. Even thou Bob was just starting his Land Cruiser business, he had a driving sense of travel and adventure when it had anything to do with Land Cruisers. During the mid-late 1970’s he often attended off-road events in or around Southern California. For many years, he never missed a SEMA show. 1980’s-1990’s Bob wrote entertaining off-road adventure stories with a comical flair and tech-tips for the Toyota Land Cruiser Association news paper. Yes, the TLCA magazine was originally a paperback black and white periodical that amounted to no more than a news paper. His pen name was Clevis M. Bungeecord. Bob’s fondest memories about writing for the TLC magazine is how the magazine editor Gary Byork used to call him on the phone and yell about writing in capital letters. Gary didn’t know that Bobs word processor (yes, pre-computer days) at the time was stuck on caps lock from a Coca Cola accident.

Bob brought many Land Cruiser owners together in the late 1980’s and created the South East Land Cruiser Club headquartered in Nashville TN. In 1991 he organized, with much needed help from other club members, the Great Smoky Mountain Trail Ride GSMTR. However, for everything to be official, a representative had to apply before the TLCA board of directors for club recognition and approval. So, off Bob goes, driving his red 1982 FJ40 to the Panamint Valley Land Cruiser run in November 1991 where her successfully gained club approval from TLCA in a little desert ghost town called Ballarat during the worst wind storm imaginable. His Land Cruiser club was now officially the South East Land Cruiser Association STLCA and has been holding the GSMTR event every year without a miss. In 1992 he and his co-driver David Young participated in the Trans Dominica. As a contract deal, Bob and David built 7 Land Cruisers as similar as possible for Trans Dominica. During the competition, participants spent several days in the jungles of the Dominican Republic competing in timed events. It was in the DR that Bob also owned a very successful 4×4 Touring company that took mostly European tourists deep into the jungle to meet and observe indigenous people and their way of life. It came in handy that Bob was fluent in German. It was during the 1993 gas embargo that Bob and David found themselves in North East Haiti running low on gas. Panicked that they would be stranded in the worst Hell hole on Earth when suddenly little arms stuck themselves out of the bushes on the side of the trail holding milk jugs of nice pink fuel. Luckily little kids were bootlegging gas from the Dominican side of the border. After refueling a couple of gallons, Bob paid for the fuel including a much appreciated tip for the youngster who saved the day.  In 1993 and 94 he and David competed in the Florida Off-Road Triathlon winning first place in the winch recovery event which was a very difficult timed event. During the 1990’s he and David traveled to Costa Rica several times organizing 4 wheel drive events in the Bribris area to experience the indigenous traditions of the area. After having several mirrors stolen off their Land Cruisers by the local natives, Bob began to take hand held mirrors to distribute along with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, soap and hair brushes. The mirror stealing stopped. Bob would never take candy or clothing of any kind as this associates begging with tourists. For several years Bob distributed at a TPI Land Cruiser accessory store managed by Louis Fernandez located behind the Toyota dealership in San Jose. In August 2000 Bob helped organize the first off-road event with 4×4 Aventuras of Costa Rica sponsored by Toyota. Their first trailride was a steep climb near Iracu Volcano. On the morning of August 23, the Arenal Volcano erupted killing several. Early that morning a 7.3 earthquake violently threw Bob out of the drivers door of his Land Cruiser and loosing his hearing for several days from the volcano blast. So, even tho Bob was quite busy seeking adventures in Central America and the Caribbean, he still managed to operate a very successful Land Cruiser business near Nashville Tennessee and still does today. TPI Land Cruiser.

Over the years, Bob was lucky enough to either meet or become friends with many of the old names in the off-road business such as Pete Condos, Tom Cepek, Ed Pearlman, Vic Hickey, Pete Springer and he was even lucky enough to meet Steve McQueen while off-roading near Desert Center CA. Sadly, today it seems most of the “old guard” of Land Cruiser specialists have either retired from business or passed away such as Pete Condos (Con-Fer), Marv Spector (Spector Off Road) and the most recent passing of Marlin Czajkowski (Marlin Crawlers). Being in the Land Cruiser business since 1975 has offered Bob plenty of “once in a life time” experiences. What does Bob love best about this business? When he gets comments from customers who remember as kids looking at their dad’s old TPI Land Cruiser catalogs dreaming of the day they could get a Land Cruiser too. From generation to generation Land Cruiser owners seem to have an unusual attraction to these rattly old trucks. Bob still owns his 1971 FJ40 (Mountain Storm). It’s just as new as the day he bought it in 1975 and it will go to his grand daughter after he off-roads for the last time. Bob offers his thanks and gratitude to each one of his customers and off-roading brothers for their loyalty and friendship and wishes everyone many more years of pleasure your Land Cruiser brings you.  

Lest we forget, Angel (Grand Daughter)


      Angel                                                           Land Cruiser Bob 😉

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