SHIPPING: TPI ships as soon as possible. We
generally ship UPS and smaller items ship Postal if the cost is less
than UPS. Shipping rates are determined by UPS or US Postal depending on
weight, size and value. TPI is not in the shipping business and
therefore we do no set the rates. If
you are concerned with cost, you are welcome to call or email for an
exact quote to your location before we process your order.
INTERNATIONAL: We ship International every day via Postal and crate
shipments are shipped by our Customs Broker. So, no matter where you are
located, if its legal to ship to your country, we will. And a big Thanks goes to our Canadian, Australian and European customers. You are about 30% of our sales and you are great people to deal with. Call us at

RETURNS: TPI has a No Return Policy. Know up front, TPI will not accept a returned product for a cash refund. No means No. If you are old enough to drive a big bad Land Cruiser, you are old enough to be responsible for the products you order. We understand that over the years, past owners may have changed your driveline, engine or customized parts. We will make every attempt to work with you to identify the correct part but it is your responsibility to know your Cruiser. 615-826-8853

EXCHANGES: In the event you did order the wrong part as a result of something being changed, customized or you simply screwed up, TPI reserves the right to decide if we will exchange the item. If it is a special item, dropped shipped or because of a special issue, we may not exchange an item. TPI will do everything we can to help you before and after your purchase. Exchanges are limited to the same item. Exchanging a Bikini top for a lug nut ain\’t gonna\’ happen. Returns require a return number. So, if you have doubts about a part fitment, call before ordering so we can help you. 615-826-8853

WARRANTY: Depending on the item, the manufacturer may have their own warranty. Sometimes, TPI offers the warranty. Each item is different. Have a question, call us before you order. 615-826-8853

DEFECTS: Same as warranty. If a product has a defect, TPI will get on the problem right away. Defects do not happen often, but when they do, TPI gets as mad as you do and we will fight aggressively to get it resolved. Just ask \”Centerforce Clutch Co\”. They continued to sell us defective clutches without any offer of help or care for our customers who got stuck having to re-do a clutch job. We hopped a plane to the Las Vegas SEMA show, walked up to their booth and told them in person. \”Kiss our Ass!\” \”We ain\’t offering your crap anymore.\” Their loss, your gain. 615-826-8853

ALL THAT JAZZ: TPI has been in the Land Cruiser since 1975. We have seen it all. We will do everything we can to offer tech advice and help you. If you do business with us, we will go the extra mile. On the other hand, it\’s not our job to spend an hour on the phone trying to fix something you purchased somewhere else…but we will. We look at Land Cruiser owners as friends. When a friend needs help, we will help. 615-826-8853

Thanks, Land Cruiser Bob

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