23100-E2, We have replaced our standard electric fuel pump with the H/D Electric Fuel Pump that delivers between 2-3 1/2 pounds. The new pump not only fits FJ40 series up to 1978 with fuel tank located under the seat, including auxiliary rear mounted fuel tanks but is also suited for FJ40 (1979-83) and FJ60 models with factory rear mounted fuel tanks. The reason this pump works well for the rear mounted tanks is it has a higher volume and better pulling power than most electric pumps to overcome the long pick-up tubes used in rear mounted tanks. Rear mounted tanks also have fuel lines that travel up, down and along the frame which makes it difficult for some fuel pumps to keep their prime. It is mandatory that you mount this pump near the rear fuel tank for the pump to work properly.  ORDER HERE

On rear tank models (1979-87), mount this pump near the rear fuel tank.

On under the seat models (up to 1978), mount under the battery box.