TAB79, FJ40 ALUMINUM BODY, 1979-83


TAB79, BODY, ALUMINUM, FJ40 1979-83



TAB79, BODY, ALUMINUM, FJ40 1979-83  Order Here

 TPI has installed many Aluminum bodies. We are still impressed with the quality and construction along with ease of installation. Simply cut off the old body at the floor board area and remove the old body. You can quickly install the new Aluminum body with little effort. Once primed with aluminum etching primer and painted, it’s hard to tell the difference from factory besides the fact that the Aluminum body is much smoother and tougher. You’ll have the assurance that the body will last a life time without rust. Body comes with running boards, transmission hump and shifter boots. Body takes special protective packaging and this cost is included in the price. Why repair old metal when it’s going to just rust again? The Aluminum body is by far the absolute best investment when your old body has “kicked-the-bucket”.


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