FJ40 FJ60 FJ62 BIRFIELD AXLE, 7509-1990


43413-2, AXLE, FRONT BIRFIELD, FJ40/60/2 7509-1990


43413-2. AXLE, FRONT BIRFIELD, FJ40/60/2 7509-1990  Order Here

TPI Land Cruiser Birfield Axle is OEM Japanese replacement. The Birfield axle has gotten a bad history of breaking. We disagree! Research will show that complaints of broken axles stem from owners installing USED axles. Of course you can not expect a used axle to give you the life of a new axle and those who abuse their rigs can’t expect even a new axle to last forever. Next time, consider replacing your axle with a NEW one and you will be surprised at the life it will give you.  


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