K38MM, WEBER CARBURETOR KIT, 38MM, FJ40/55/60  Order Here

All Models FJ40/55/60 Requires Accelerator Cable. Order Here #K38CA

1973-83 FJ40 Requires Accelerator Pedal. Order Here #K38PA

TPI Land Cruiser 38mm Weber Performance Carb. Almost everyone knows about the 38mm Weber carb. Absolutely the best performance improvement you can do to your Cruiser. Almost a 25 horsepower gain, reliable starting, electric choke and off-road performance. Fits 1968-87 FJ40 and 60. Comes with all required adapters and K&N air filter. The FJ40 and FJ60 will need a Weber Cable #K38CA. 1973-83 FJ40 will need the pedal kit #K38PA. FJ60 models use your original pedal. Note the use of the Weber Electric Fuel Pump, #23100-E2, and Block Off plate #23100-P are highly recommended for best results. The mechanical pump puts too much fuel pressure for the Weber. TPI does not recommend a fuel regulator. They hydro-lock and simply do not work well. REMEMBER: Order K&N oil #K38OIL to service air filter. Includes FREE TPI Pre-Wrap

Special note: TPI Land Cruiser does not sell the 32/36 Weber carb for the 1968-87 models. It is designed for 4 cylinder engines or 1 barrel intakes like on the 1967 and earlier F model engines. The 32/36 is absolutely too small for the larger late F and 2F engines. If you got “stuck” with a 32/36 from “another company” you will want to upgrade to the correct 38mm. Do you need a Weber for a 1967 and earlier engine? K32mm Click HERE.


TPI has sold more Weber carbs than any Land Cruiser business in the USA. We have sold and installed the Land Cruiser Weber since the early 80’s. There are others who will attempt to sell you a Chinese copy, a generic Weber that fits other engines or say they sell more Webers. Don’t fall for it. We sell the Correct one and only Weber Manufactured Specifically for the Land Cruiser! Check the websites, call around and you’ll find out TPI was here first. We sell REAL Webers, always have, always will and we don’t sell China copies. TPI Land Cruiser has a good reputation, we sell the real product and we stand behind our word. Call and we can answer your Weber questions, it’s our job and we do it well.

Land Cruiser Gas Pedals and Throttle Cables sold by and for RedLine Weber carburetors are manufactured exclusively by TPI Land Cruiser USA.  Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

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