FJ40 FUEL TANK, TPI POLY, 7209-7812


77100-2A, TPI Land Cruiser POLY FUEL TANK, FJ40 7209-7812


77100-2A, TPI Land Cruiser POLY FUEL TANK, FJ40 7209-7812  Order Here

The Poly tank never rusts and is a life time fuel tank. TPI Land Cruiser has installed these tanks since the 1980’s and none have ever needed replacing from rust, corrosion, age or bad/old fuel.

NOTE: This tank will fit the 1972 and earlier model Land Cruiser with minor modifications.

Hello, just wanted to thank you for the super fast shipping and delivery of that tank. It got to me sometime on Saturday and I was able to get it all installed by Monday. Worked great after I modified the fittings some. Got my 1971 40 running on Tuesday a few hours after my dad got to town. Worked perfect, thanks again!



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