45044-K1, TIE ROD KIT, 5 PIECE, FJ40, UP TO 83


45044-K1, TIE ROD KIT, 5 PIECE, FJ40, UP TO 83altOrder Here

Replace tie rods regularly if you spend a lot of time off road. Street cruisers need to keep a regular check or if you feel a back and forth shake of any kind in the steering wheel.

alt Winner of the Butt-Pucker Award. The Tie Rod Ends only rate a 4 on the Butt-Pucker meter. Yes, if one breaks your Butt-Pucked Meter will peg out at a 10+ but generally tie rods will give warning before breaking. A common thing to look for is loose steering or a back-and-forth shake in the steering wheel. Dangerous cases of bad tie rods will result in wheel shimmy that will require you to stop before you can regain control of the steering.


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