FJ40 WIPER ARM. UP TO 7412 Substitute.


85190-1, ARM, WIPER, FJ40 UP TO 7412, DISCONTINUED. See Note Below.


85190-1, ARM, WIPER, FJ40 UP TO 7412, DISCONTINUED, See Note Below.  Order Here

NOTE: Unfortunately this wiper arm is discontinued. However, unless you can find a used arm, you can easily substitute with #85190-2 and use blade #85220-3 but there is a difference of how the wiper blade lays on the windshield when wiper is turned off. The original arm made the wiper blade land parallel with the windshield glass and frame. The substitute arm lets the blade land with a downward angle. But that’s no big deal, you older off roaders will remember this is exactly how the old Jeeps looked like. Below is a photo of how the substitute wiper arms will look like. Be sure to order the correct blades #85220-3. 



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